A weekend-long event where students will work collaboratively on a team to build a tech-related project in 30 hours

This Code Jam is geared for George Fox University students to turn technological and creative ideas into real-life, practical projects while working in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. This is the place to showcase your creativity and innovation, as well as create something super cool outside of the classroom.

The goals of this Code Jam are to:

  • Provide student networking opportunities with industry professionals

  • Help build student portfolios (for internship/entry-level job applications)

  • Encourage learning and improvement

  • Practice public speaking and presentation skills

  • Have fun and get to know others in the department


All projects are to be properly presented in Gitlab which repo links will be given access and provided to you two hours in advance from hacking time. A reminder that early commits before hacking time will likely result in disqualification from awards.

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$600 in prizes

1st place

VISA gift cards

2nd place

AMAZON gift cards

3rd place

STARBUCKS gift cards

Best Sustainability Hack

Judges have unanimously decided that this is the Best Sustainability Hack.

Best Social Change Hack

Judges have unanimously decided that this is the Best Social Change Hack.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:



George Fox University

Dr. John Walker Orr

Dr. John Walker Orr
George Fox University

Jillian Darrow

Jillian Darrow

More judges

More judges
Various companies

Judging Criteria

  • Idea & Scope
    Does the project have a focused and clearly demonstrated 1 or more track?
  • Impact
    Does the project make a strong impact on the intended audience? Is this a meaningful track implemented?
  • Design
    Is the product clear and usable? Is this a well-made user experience?
  • Presentation
    Was the presentation convincing and clear?
  • Technological Complexity
    How well was the code implemented? How complex is their work? How complex was the technology stack?

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